Dr. Onodugo has been in research and consultancy activities for the past thirteen years. His consultancy and research interests are in the areas of human capital sourcing, development and training, revitalization of non-performing organizations, survey and research, feasibility studies and organization design and assessment of the performance of corporate and public institutions. Some of these works were sponsored by World Bank, PATHS, USAISD MARKET DFID, USAID, UNICEF, EU, AFRODAD, Central Bank of Nigeria and National Planning Commission. He presently chairs the committees on consultancy at both the Faculty of Business Administration and University of Nigeria, Enugu campus levels.

Dr. Onodugo is a PhD holder in Management and his thesis was on “The impact of globalization on Human Resources Management in Nigeria.”  He is an associate research fellow of African Institute for Applied, Enugu and Institute of Development Studies of University of Nigeria. He is also a member of Nigeria Institute of Management, Fellow of Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria and Fellow of Institute of Industrial Administration.